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Josef Mengele- The Angel of Death


The Young Mengele
Mengele at Auschwitz
Mengele After Auschwitz
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1 Annas, George J. and Michael A. Grodin. The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code.
        Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press. 1992.

This book starts off with three chapters dealing with events leading up to the Holocaust and focuses mostly on how the doctors of Germany and the practices of America helped bring it about. It goes on to go into some detail about the Doctors Trial of Nuremberg. Following that are spotlights of the different medical codes and a longer narration of the Nuremberg Codes. It includes some images and graphs from the Doctors Trial, as well as personal accounts of medical experiments by Eva Mozes-Kor and a forward by Elie Wiesel.

2  Astor, Gerald. The “Last” Nazi. New York: Donald I. Fine, Inc. 1985.

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5  Gallagher, Hugh Gregory. By Trust Betrayed. New York: Henry Holt and

This is a great book on Germany’s euthanasia program and the subsequent killing of those disabled and elderly people living in Germany at or near the time of the war. It goes into detail of the practices of certain institutes, providing eye witness accounts and images of these places.

6  Lagnado, Lucette Matalon, and Sheila Cohn Dekel. Children of the Flames. New York:
        William Morrow and Company Inc. 1991.

This is a factual novel written by two twin survivors of Dr. Josef Mengele’s children’s ward at Aushwitz. It includes personal testimonies of many twin survivors spliced with a detailed biography of Mengele himself. It also includes pictures of twin s before the war and after. It is a good reference for the doctor’s trial of the Nuremberg cases, but no other part. It is a good description of the failings of the tribunal.

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When Medicine Went Mad: Bioethics and the Holocaust. Caplan, Arthur L. (Ed). New
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